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i have no excuse
In my defense, I don't think that I have an obligation to the blogging world because for all I care, my blog has been viewed only 700+ ever since I re-started blogging. In the blogging world, that is almost synonymous to non-existence so there goes the reason. And, there's nothing really going on in my life that's worth blogging and lastly, i do not have a camera. So, I do not have any pictures to share with the world. All the pictures that I post here is from my old old old folders.

But enough about that.

I wanna share with you (yes, you reader who happened to just dropped by this blog) the songs that I've been listening to this past month. Oh well, this is just an excuse to blog. hehe..

Florence + The Machine - Lungs

David Byrne x Fatboy Slim- Here Lies Love

An album about the life of Imelda Marcos. Cool eh?
If you're wondering who Estrella Cumpas is, she is the former maid (or close friend of Imelda, I'm not sure) of the Romualdez' who revealed that they (Imelda's family) once suffered poverty. Because of this revelation, Imelda virtually wiped her out of her world.

Samantha James- Rise

I knew about Samantha James because she's Michelle Phan's choice of music bakground in her Youtube tutorials. This has the chill vibe.

Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus

Got to know about this band on saab magalona's blog.

That's it for this month. I know the list is short but when you wanna sing with every song in the album, it seems a lot!

Right now, I am looking for new bands or singers to listen to.

Any suggestions?

class photo anyone?
One of my classmates has been urging us to have a class photo. But either we are too lazy or just a crazy lot, we cannot find a common time (or don't wear the proper uniform). I was losing hope that it might not be accomplished. But fate is still on our side because one of our requirements in a major class is to organize a seminar about media literacy. And thank god because of our class ipon, we were able to buy ourselves a decent class shirt (uniform dilemma solved!)

This is the most formal our class could be. As you can see, we are very few in class. And six of them just graduated. Boohoo..

Here's a bigger but blur-er picture. I dunno..maybe its bad lighting but our pictures are really not good in this area.

The traditional Filipino wacky photo.

We are one with the floor! And eeeeppppp, a window on my bangs. Grrrr!

Seryoso, last na to na wacky.

Coz we're bad ass like that.

Til our next class photo CA3!

Photos from Isha Gacula and Kim Younghwa.

but I digress and then some.
Yes, I tried moving to blogspot but I discovered that I have three personal and 1 non-personal blogs there that ain't working; so why make another one? For all I know, I might not update it again. And, no one's reading my blogs anyway so why (yet again) not stick to this? I have a lot of entries here anyway and I don't want it to go to waste. But enough about that.

For a long time, I've been wanting to post some snapshots of my province but I found it too complicated coz the picture don't turn out the way I want them. but thank god for the improvements here, my pictures are way bigger! Now, without further ado, welcome to Sorsogon...

My province is surrounded by beaches and this is one of them.

I've been here once and the water is really cold. Plus, don't be deceived, the pool may look ancient but really deep. I haven't touched the bottom part of the pool yet.

This beach front is a 15-minute motorcycle ride form my house. It's a quick getaway if ever I wanna hang out with old friends but in all honesty, this is a very "abused" beach.

They say that this is our local version of Boracay. I haven't been there though. My brother said that the water here is cold.

this one of my favorite beaches in Sorsie. You have to walk for ten minutes across the sea (yes, the sea) to get to this place. This beach is really beautiful.

yeah, that's THE volcano.

This one of the most popular places in my province. It is a hot spring at the foot of Mt. Bulusan and the "cold" part is really just a quarter the size of this pool.

This is it for now. I'll be posting more photos soon. Btw, these are not mine. I just found it in my computer, so whoever owns this photos, credits go to you.

im transferring....
coryjosue blogspot.

long shot
We attended the T.F. Valencia Lecture Series from January to March. Different speakers are invited to have a talk about a specific topic. We met another Yoda during the first meeting. He is the bff of my Yoda-for-a-teacher-prof. The photo below was taken when Ricky Lo is the speaker. Just ignore my sully face.

And oh by the way, I got bangs.

hello worl...again.
I am really getting lousy at blogging. I feel so irrelevant for blogging archives in my photo dump. And when I say archive, not weeks ago but years.

So here are a couple of pictures in my bucket that wants to meet the world.

Whoa? Why is my picture so big?
Or for the lack of title thereof, I would have wanted to name  this "The Space Between"

Family Portrait. Taken in Hong Kong Disneyland two years ago.

Meeting a tiger in Manila Zoo some time a couple of years back. It was my first to a tiger in real life and they are really beautiful creatures. The Boy said that Manila Zoo is not as pretty as it used to be.

The Boy doing his ska pose. But seriously, he bailed on this.

That's it folks. I hope to be more active here soon.

lousy blogger.
Im such a lousy blogger. I am not constantly updating this blog, but who care? I think I'm irrelevant anyway. I haven't blog in the longest time because we do not have connection at home. It was only tonight that Internet got reconnected.

See? I am that irrelevant.

How have you been? (If anyone out there is reading this blog...)

I've been on a roller coaster ride for some time now but don't worry. Everything's Ok.

I'll see you all soon.

I'm at school so I'm gonna keep this short ('coz Ubunto is killing me). It's the start of the new year and so far so good when it comes to my resolutions. But as far as taking care of myself is concerned, I think I am flunking in that category. Please don't ask me why because at this point, I do not feel as I wanted to feel since the beginning of the year (emo much?). Anyhow, I've been contemplating of transferring this blog to blogspot but I don't know how. And I am too lazy to reblog all the entries that I had for the past years.

Well, I don't have anymore to say so I'll just leave now. I just hope that I'll be able to post something worthwhile this weekend (because I blog at the Boy's house).

See yah later alligators.

hello 2011
I've been on hiatus (again) for the last three months. I've been so busy with internship and I did not have my computer with me. So, what's up New year?

It's a new year so I wanted to have a resolution. My top 10 resolutions are:

10. Be true to my no-rice diet. But this is only until May.

9. Read classics. And I just know where to get them...
Bookay Ukay at UP Teacher's Village. You can add them on Facebook.

8. Take care of myself more... physically.

7. TRY to not be late; especially during dates with the boy.

6. Wear my shoes more.

5. See my long lost friends more.

4. Blog more.

3. Be more open-minded.

2. NOT eat meat after May.

i'm back... again.
 I haven't blog in almost three months.. Oh my.

I'll be back in a few days. I'm just really pissed off at something right now.


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